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4024Re: Seeking recommendations for 3D software

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  • cpm5280
    Jan 7, 2013

      We are primarily a Cinema 4D shop, for a variety of reasons. It's fast to pick up, which is important considering our workforce, many of whom aren't fulltime 3d professionals. It is still extensible, and there's are two extensive scripting systems (Python & Xpresso), etc. Particle system & volumetric shaders seem to be biggest weakness, but can be worked around.

      We have also begun to integrate Vray (for c4d) as our renderer of choice, both because its texturing system is quite nice (and cross platform) and because the forthcoming 1.5 & 2.0 updates will allow it to do distributed rendering across unlimited nodes, supports GPU acceleration at render time and in the viewport, etc.

      Maya & 3D Studio will both have an eventual place in our workflows, but as adjunct tools, not as primary platforms.

      Other solutions -- Lightwave, Blender, Bryce, Vue - are all interesting & useful, but I don't consider them in the same league.

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      Just wanted to thank everyone for your responses. A lot to absorb!

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