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3989Re: Seeking recommendations for 3D software

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  • Paul
    Dec 1, 2012
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      > First of all, by 3D I mean modelling and rendering 3D or volumetric objects

      For volumetric I use scientific codes. The following is a full ray casting volume rendering of MicroCT data
      Some of the Dark production is also volumetric, since even though the simulations are particle like, they have a cloud of influence and thus get rendered volumetrically, again with custom code I wrote

      > And without intending to start a holy war on the list, is there any
      > consensus on which software package is more useful or more commonly used
      > for fulldome work? It seems all over the map what people are using.

      Increasingly the choice of 3D modelling software will depend on what you want to achieve and which package meets your needs. For Dark we probably used at least 4 packages, Cinema4D, Vue, PovRay, and custom 3D rendering code. In the past there may have been favourites based upon fisheye generation support but I think (hope) things have matured since then.
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