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3970Re: Full Dome movie information.

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  • Mike Murray
    Nov 1, 2012
      Conferences and exhibitions:



      There are now over 90 producers doing a full spectrum of styles and topics for fulldome. The thing I would recommend is that "fulldome" isn't just a film screen it's an "experience"! It has long demonstrated the ability to go way beyond film - it can be experiential, especially with a good human introduction. Good titles can grab attention but the experience is what brings people back. Do some test screenings with your local audiences to find out what *they* like!


      Mike Murray
      Dome Theatre Programs Manager
      Clark Planetarium
      Salt Lake City, Utah USA

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      Hi all,

      Would like to gain some information regarding full dome movies. We are new to the scene and a little lost as to where to start.
      Are there any conferences or exhibitions coming up that you would recomend?
      We are using our dome for private use and have a few movies but as we are not charging admission fees the cost of each movie comes quiet expensive to us. We are interested in building up a collection of titles and they don't need to be the latest releases.

      Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


      Alison Hall
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