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3964Fulldome UK 2012 - Tickets now on sale.

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  • elsortido
    Oct 29, 2012
      Dear Fulldome fans,

      Tickets for Fulldome UK 2012 are now on sale.

      As a reminder, the event takes place this November 16th & 17th at the National Space Centre in Leicester, England. You can buy tickets for either the Friday or the Saturday seperately, or for both days.

      Ticket prices and policy remain the same as last year:

      £40 per day standard price
      £20 per day for students or those that make a good case for poverty!

      This year there is also the option of pre-purchasing a hot evening meal. Tickets can be purchased directrly from the Fulldome UK website via PayPal. More details are available here:


      We look forward to seeing you all next month!

      kind regards,

      Phil (Fulldome UK)