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  • Sally Brummel
    Jul 6, 2012
      Hi Matt,

      Nominally we send just one person out with the dome (me!). From the
      time we get it to its setup location it takes about 45 minutes to get
      it up and running .

      Due to the heft of the equipment, I require 2-3 people from the
      school/group site to help unload and get the dome spread out on the
      floor, but once it's inflating I take it from there.

      It is much easier with a second person, so if there are any staff or
      volunteers available I love to have them along! But for 5+ years I've
      done most of the setups on my own. We are expanding our staffing in
      this upcoming year so that shouldn't be the case as often.

      We have the Elumenati GeoDome.

      I hope this helps!

      Sally Brummel
      Planetarium Education and Outreach Coordinator
      Bell Museum of Natural History
      University of Minnesota
      10 Church St. SE
      Minneapolis MN 55455
      Office: 612-624-8146
      Fax: 612-626-7704


      Two questions. 1) How many people do you normally send out with a
      portable dome? 2) How long, on average, does it take you to set your

      Many thanks,

      Matt Linke
      University of Michigan Museum of Natural History Planetarium
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