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  • Glen Moore
    Jun 4, 2012
      Hi Axel

      I have found that the brightness of the projector as a function of dome size is a significant factor in the visual impression of colour saturation and contrast.

      Best regards

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      Subject: [fulldome] Colour spaces

      Hello all,

      I'm in the process of finishing my first fulldome film. When looking at the material in a test dome and in a18m-wide dome I realised that there is quite a big difference in colour saturation and contrast. I was wondering if this would also be true from one full size dome to the next, as the configuration changes.

      While I can colour grade for my home dome I was wondering if there was such a thing as a broadcast standard for fulldome films, or if something like a LUT is applied to each film as it is sliced. It would be a pity to loose all the colour work as soon as you change venue.

      Thanks for the help,


      Axel Straschnoy
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