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3819"Perfect Little Planet" from the Clark Planetarium

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  • Mike Murray
    May 23, 2012
      Greetings everyone!

      Our new solar system show "Perfect Little Planet" has proven to be one of the most popular fulldome productions we've ever done here in Salt Lake City. It's a bit hit with families and school groups but even adults (general audiences) like the approach and the way the information is presented.

      For those of you who have been running "Secret of the Cardboard Rocket" for years (here too!), it's become a splendid modernized replacement. School groups love the active flights by the planets and moons and teachers appreciate the curriculum that it covers.

      The show is now available for distribution! More information (including a link to download a full length flat screen version) is on our website:


      The show received great reviews by judges at the Zeiss Fulldome Festival (check out the webpage!). The show was developed at 4k resolution with 30fps and 60fps versions. We can distribute the show directly to most systems but we do have a host of re-distributors that you can use as well (Sky-Skan, E&S, Spitz, Global Immersion, Zeiss, RSA Cosmos, ePlanetarium, AVI, Ash Enterprises, and more).

      Questions? You can contact Nate Meinzer, my Show Distribution Specialist, at 385-468-1239, NMeinzer@...<mailto:NMeinzer@...> or feel free to contact me directly!


      Mike Murray
      Dome Theatre Programs Manager
      Clark Planetarium
      110 South 400 West
      Salt Lake City, UT 84101
      (385) 468-1237
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