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3795We are looking for enjoyable and educational shows age range 3-5 and/or 6-8.

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  • Planétarium Production
    Apr 2, 2012

      On this topic, planetarium Galilee (Montpellier in France) have two shows available for children (3-8 years old) :

      "Vacation on Altair"

      "Vacation On Altair" is a delightful 3D character-animated story about Lum, a firefly and his friend Bog, a moth, who have always disagreed about the nature of the starry night sky. Lum believes that the stars are really enormous fireflies; Bog thinks that they are streetlights in the sky. They decide to settle their argument once and for all by blasting off in a space ship to research the stars.

      During their voyage, Lum and Bog learn that the stars and planets are very different types of objects, even though they look the same to the naked eye. Several other differences between the two also become apparent: their size and how far away from us they are; the fact that stars give off their own light while planets can only reflect the light of the sun; and lastly, that planets orbit around the sun.

      Montpellier Agglom�ration/Plan�tarium Galil�e, 22 minutes.

      Languages: English, French, Dutch, German. We can translate the text in other languages on request.

      The trailer (International version)

      "La petite planete"

      Three little animals, a mole, a squirrel and a racoon, live on a small planet . By dint of recklessness , they are going to contaminate it so as to have to leave it . A long journey leads them on a blue planet . Will they be able to show respect towards nature ?

      Montpellier Agglom�ration/Plan�tarium Galil�e, 22 minutes.

      Languages:French only. We can translate the text in other languages on request.
      A teaser (in French)

      [TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/76wf95w --Moderator]

      We will be glad to provide you with any further information

      Best regards,

      Cyril Ruiz - Hugo Maimone

      Full dome production

      +33 (0)4-6 7-13-26-21
      website http://planetarium-galilee.montpellier-agglo.com/
      facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Plan%C3%A9tarium-Galil%C3%A9e/213880861968273

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