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  • david mcconville
    Aug 2 11:43 AM
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      At DomeFest this year a number of us content developers and theater
      operators discussed the need to create a user-centric vendor-neutral
      fulldome community resource. I get redundant questions from clients and
      interested parties all the time (as I'm sure most of you do), and this
      could be a great way to efficiently build on information that's already out
      there. Additionally it could be used as a focal point for sharing research,
      knowledge, and information about the evolving digital dome theater field.
      This mailing list and Yahoo group is an excellent start (a million thanks
      to Ryan), but it needs to be expanded into something from which newcomers
      can easily find useful information. There are already some great online
      information resources spread around at museums, universities, vendors and
      elsewhere, but creating a neutral user-run site would hopefully encourage a
      broader range of contributions on which we could all build.

      To get this rolling, I've registered http://fulldome.org with the hopes of
      using it to focus on both the science and art of immersive theater
      development.. It's running the open-source Mambo content management
      system (http://www.mamboserver.com/), but much of the functionality is
      not currently enabled (including user accounts, forums, specific mailing
      lists, galleries, etc). The idea is to create a resource as useful as
      http://www.vjcentral.com and http://www.vjforums.com are to the
      VJ community or as informative as http://slashdot.org is to
      geeks. Might as well dream big...

      I unfortunately won't be able to make it to the fulldome BOF, but please
      consider discussing an outline of next steps for this resource.
      Specifically, I'd like to see a list of needs/wants developed and a
      gameplan for implementing them on the site. A number of us are currently
      working on a fulldome theater survey (as was discussed as IPS), but what
      else would be truly useful for this small but expanding field? Here's a start:

      - FAQ
      - Forums
      - User-updateable link database
      - Calender of events, conferences, and festivals
      - Surveys
      - Results of surveys (theater listings, shows available for licensing)
      - Techniques (cgi, post production, live capture, programming, audio
      mixing, etc)
      - Hardware/Software reviews
      - Glossary
      - Profiles of users

      Don't be shy about a wish list - it's easy enough to phase in the sections
      one at a time. Keep in mind that this site will not be solely focused on
      planetarium and astronomy issues (even though these are by no means
      excluded). There are many different digital dome theater applications,
      sizes, and configurations, so the site will focus on the issues effecting
      everyone working within the medium, regardless of the subject of their content.

      Finally, we need volunteers to help with site development and
      administration. Contact me if you're interested, but please include exactly
      what skills (graphic design, daily forum/link administration, custom PHP
      programming) and time you can commit. We can eventually get sponsorships to
      help pay for the upkeep, maintenance, programming, etc once this has proven
      its usefulness, but for now I'd like to just get some feedback on these ideas.

      I'll keep everyone informed via this list as development progresses.


      david mcconville

      p: 828.236.9777
      f: 828.236.9779
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