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3554Re: Questions about fulldome show content and open source production tools

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  • Jonathan Cremieux
    Oct 2, 2011
      I'm sorry I haven't had the time yet to answer your very interesting
      questions because I only have a few days left to finish writing my thesis.
      In my original message I forgot to ask if I could quote your answers in my
      thesis (as personal communication).

      Thank you in advance.

      On 28 September 2011 22:07, Tom Casey <tom@...> wrote:

      > On Sep 27, 2011, at 3:48 PM, Jason Fletcher wrote:

      > Tom, that was very well said! It can indeed be difficult to find people with the creative perspective and have root-level technical expertise. I believe this is partly because in the past the tool-sets were not intuitive. Its also exactly what you said, the post-production industry demands specialized skills. So people study to refine their technical skills. The flip side is that it can either be a great strength or terrible weakness to be considered a 3D generalist. It all depends on what you can pull off by knowing a little of everything.

      Although I sometimes would agree depending on the toolset... for animation software, actually, I think it's the opposite. Years ago in the early days there were two approaches with animation software, technical interfaces and creative interfaces shall we call them for discussion. The two leading toolsets were Wavefront and Alias (later to merge and eventually become Maya) followed these approaches, W being a more open but technically complex application and A being closed but with an incredibly intuitive GUI aimed at creatives.

      Unfortunately marketing plays a bigger role in the evolution of software than real user interests. As the bigger studios became a larger user group, their demands for more capability over-shadowed the smaller studios who typically don't have technical staffs. So in the end, animation applications like Maya have become more technically complex and harder to use if you are not savvy on the tech side.

      Since the larger studios break the production pipeline down into small functions... modeler, animator, lighter, etc., a creative person can function within the toolset only in certain functions... and thus the applications of today are from a total view less intuitive unfortunately. Also since what we are asked to do is so much more complex, a lot of the creative usage of said tools is a steeper hill to climb... time-consuming and expensive.


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