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3425Fulldome Fractal Musical show - Enigma

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  • shikhar
    Jun 4, 2011
      Dear Friends,

      We are happy to launch our new show "Enigma" for the Full Dome audience. Enigma is combination of fractals and kaleidoscopic videos with a hearty touch of Music. These videos are specially designed to give a sense of
      warmth and calmness to our puzzled minds.
      Without a dialogue, just with the help of Music and beautiful colors & patterns, this show will go deep in your heart.

      Show specifications are as follows:

      Fulldome Musical

      Duration: 14 min. 
      Audience Genre: General
      Resolution: up to 4K for Fulldome version 
      Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound (Separate channels available)
      Available Formats: Dome Masters (TGA, PNG), H.264 Mp4, Mpg2, MOV, Digistar Ready.

      You can watch complete show's HD preview at following address:

      For Show inquiries, please forward your mail to "contact@..."
      Show details will also be available at Fulldomestore.com

      Shikhar bhatnagar
      Aayushi Animation Studio
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