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323DomeFest 2004

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  • dbeining@nmmnh.state.nm.us
    Feb 12, 2004
      Heads-up for DomeFest(tm) 2004, the world's only festival dedicated to the
      art and practice of fulldome media. The second annual event will screen at
      LodeStar on June 12. Again this year, DomeFest(tm) is presented in
      association with the DigiFest Southwest Film Festival (world's only digital
      film-making festival) with great support from Sky-Skan, Inc.

      Look for festival details next week at www.domefest.com
      <http://www.domefest.com> or www.lodestar.unm.edu/domefest2004
      <http://www.lodestar.unm.edu/domefest2004> In the meantime, let me
      introduce significant changes we're making from last year's event:

      1. The festival will be open to all types of production. Akin to
      SIGGRAPH's Electronic Theater, the juried program will screen the best and
      most innovative creations for the dome. That means we're welcoming outtakes
      from professional productions ('real shows'), educational shorts,
      experimental production pieces, mini-docs on tools/techniques, art projects,
      etc. We won't declare winners, just jury the works to determine the best
      stuff out there. (Last year's program was more about independent works and
      awards. This year, we want to festival to help advance the medium by
      compiling 40-minutes of what fulldome is and can be as the medium matures.
      A big thank you to Ed Lantz of Spitz for helping me revise/improve the

      2. We intend to travel the festival. We want to take DomeFest to as
      many theaters (and conferences) as possible to show the world the state and
      potential of this exciting medium. Several major theaters in the US and
      aboard have already expressed great desire to screen the festival. Through
      a combination of fund development, festival sponsorships, and theater
      gate-split/lease agreements, we will secure the hard drives to store and
      ship the material to theaters who can run the 40-minute program as a show
      (day-time B show, evening entertainment show, whatever.) We're gambling
      that we can earn/rise enough through screenings here and in your theaters to
      make the festival self-sustaining and continually growing.

      3. The jury will include prestigious judges from major production
      houses (we already have Pixar & Disney on board), members of the fulldome
      community, and digital artists. We're shooting for making this festival as
      high profile and professional as possible.

      4. Submissions will be required in 'dome original' format, both
      preliminary submissions and final pieces. If you don't have a stitching
      program, Spitz has generously declared its Glom program as freeware. See
      www.spitzinc.com <http://www.spitzinc.com> for more. Also, Sky-Skan will
      generously provide a no-cost copy of its SkyStitcher(tm) software to all
      finalists. LodeStar will provide any technical support you might need (and
      we can muster) in creating dome originals.

      5. We hoping all content will be provided in high definition TGAs and
      24-bit, 5.1/dts sound. Not necessary, but we're striving to keep production
      values and presentation qualities as high as possible. Look for more news
      on this front soon...

      Some things remaining the same:

      We still can't pay you. We're hoping you'll see the value of sharing your
      domework without compensation: maturing the medium through juried program,
      showing the world how cool this medium is (OK, maybe I hope to be a bit
      mercenary vis-à-vis 70mm), and establishing your
      self/theater/organization/company as one of the world's finest producers.
      As I see it, the more we can expose and demonstrate this medium, the better
      off all the current and coming theaters (as well as content producers) will

      Submissions will be limited to 3:30 with an additional :30 for credits (i.e.
      4:00 TRT.)

      Preliminary submissions will be due at the end of April (low rez avi/mov or
      as playable DVD).

      The best/most interesting 40-minutes, as determined by the jury, will be

      Please look for the web site next week. I'd greatly appreciate any
      thoughts, comments or suggestions you have for DomeFest(tm) 2004. Also, if
      you already know you want to join the growing list of those wanting to
      submit, I'd love to have a heads-up.


      David Beining
      LodeStar Astronomy Center
      1801 Mountain Road, NW
      Albuquerque, NM 87104

      505.841.5985 (vox)
      505.841.5999 (fax)
      505.362.2614 (cel)

      dbeining@... <mailto:dbeining@...>
      www.lodestar.unm.edu <http://www.lodestar.unm.edu>