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  • Ryan Wyatt
    Oct 28, 2003
      On the off chance you were planning to post to the fulldome listserve
      (itchy finger twitching over the "send" key for the last three
      months), you're out of luck for about a week...

      I will be taking off for Amsterdam in about three hours, unable to
      access email or receive cell phone calls for six glorious days. Feel
      free to email to your heart's content, but I won't be around to
      approve any postings until I get back to New York. I *might* stop by
      an Internet cafe while I'm there, but don't bet on it.


      Ryan, a.k.a.
      Ryan Wyatt, Science Visualizer
      Rose Center for Earth & Space
      American Museum of Natural History
      79th Street & Central Park West
      New York, NY 10024
      212.313.7903 vox
      212.313.7868 fax