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3113Full Dome Projection Systems

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  • Charles T
    Aug 1, 2010
      I notice that one of the largest participants in our Full-Dome industry makes the claim that they are the only suppliers of a total turnkey system. That may be true in their case for multi-million dollar, multi- projector systems for large domes, but there are many of us in the smaller fixed or mobile dome area that supply full systems , be they using fisheye or mirror projection technology.

      These systems include domes, mirrors, projection equipment, software, and movies, as part of a warranted off-the-shelf operation that requires no developmental time wasting, nor great technical skills by the user, and with the comfort of being fully supported by the supplier.

      We are one of those full-dome, full system suppliers.

      Charles Treleaven
      Cosmodome Australasia Pty. Ltd.