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2945Ott Planetarium Releases Second Open Source Planetarium Show

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  • R. Proctor
    Feb 27, 2010
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      The Ott Planetarium is pleased to announce the release of "Clockwork Skies,"
      our second open source planetarium show. The show was produced with
      Blender, a free, open source 3D creation suite.

      Clockwork Skies is the class project of the Spring 2010 Blender Production
      Workshop, held by the Ott Planetarium at Weber State University. The four
      workshop students modeled and animated almost all of the scenes in eight
      hours after only sixteen hours of instruction.

      The show and its source files are now available under the Creative Commons
      Attribution 3.0 License.

      Visit weber.edu/planetarium/ceres for a web preview and access to the source

      The Ott Planetarium will host four additional Blender workshops this Summer:
      two novice classes and two advanced classes. See
      weber.edu/planetarium/training for more information.

      Ron Proctor, BIS

      Production Coordinator
      Ott Planetarium
      Weber State University

      Community Involvement Center
      Weber State University

      Graduate Student
      Master of Education Program
      Weber State University

      E-Mail: ronproctor@...
      Office Phone: 801.626.6871