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294SIGGRAPH 2003 Reminder

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  • Ed Lantz
    Jul 8, 2003
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      Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 9th) is the last day for advanced (online)
      registration for SIGGRAPH 2003.

      Siggraph is the world's premiere conference on computer graphics and
      interactive techniques. The fulldome community has organized two events for
      this year's conference. Course #25 entitled "Computer Graphics for
      Large-Scale Immersive Theaters" features a morning session in the Reuben H.
      Fleet Science Center's 23 meter IMAX Dome theater where leading fulldome
      producers will screen their works on a dual-projector ElectricSky II system.
      The course's afternoon session at the San Diego Convention Center will
      outline the basics of fulldome production. For more information see:

      If you don't want to pay the course fees (registration also entitles you to
      attend all courses, panels, papers, Electronic Theater, etc.) which are $850
      for members, $1,000 for non-members and $500 for students, then you can
      still attend the "Siggraph 2003 Fulldome Video Showcase" on Sunday evening,
      July 27th at 9pm at the Fleet. We're editing together an hour of our best
      material for screening during the art reception. You'll still need a
      SIGGRAPH badge to get in, but the Exhibits Plus registration is only $75.
      For more information see:

      We would like to recognize the following people and organizations that are
      participating in this year's events:

      American Museum of Natural History
      Carter Emmart

      Audio Visual Imagineering

      Clark Planetarium
      Mike Murray
      Aaron McEuen

      Drexel University
      Ted Artz
      Max Callahan
      Christopher Redmann

      DVS Digital Video, Inc.

      Elumens Corp.

      Evans & Sutherland
      Kevin Scott

      Home Run Pictures
      Tom Casey

      Houston Museum of Nature and Science
      Carolyn Sumners
      Tony Butterfield

      JVC Professional Company

      Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

      Sky Skan
      Steve Savage
      Jack White
      David Miller

      Spitz, Inc.
      Ed Lantz, Organizer
      Brad Thompson
      Garland Stern
      Mike Bruno
      Mark Jarvis
      Derrick Wilkerson