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2923Re: Projector for spherical mirror projection?

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  • pauldavidbourke
    Jan 29, 2010
      > Hi everyone, I'm really looking for a cheaper alternative that I could use for a mirror projection. Any advice?

      Can I suggest you subscribe and post to the "small_planetarium" group, there are many more people there dealing with spherical mirrors and low cost systems in general.

      Note that while resolution is certainly important and I don't recommend anything less than HD or WUXGA for the spherical mirror, there are other considerations. For example in my last reply I mentioned the DELL and the Optoma, in reality the Optoma has MUCH better colour capabilities than the DELL, enough to easily negate the marginal difference in resolution. Brightness is also important, all the models you listed I would consider to give a very low brightness image on a 8m dome.

      You might also consider looking at LCoS projectors to avoid the screen door effect and, on the good models, much better black.
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