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  • Mike Murray
    Dec 24, 2009
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      Greetings from snowy Salt Lake City,

      As we like to survey both our local audiences and show customers around the
      world, one request keeps rising to the top of the list: A new "Family
      Show"! In other words, a show that has appeal to both children and their
      parents. So, rather than focusing on a "little kids show," we decided to
      create something new - an "action/adventure" approach but with plenty of
      science and photo-realistic scenery.

      "Attack of the Space Pirates" is that show. It's a 35-minute feature
      designed to keep children *and* adults engaged and entertained as they
      experience a wild ride through the galaxy on a journey with all of the great
      sci-fi story elements: mystery, conflict, intrigue, fun, ingenuity, battle,
      hope and discovery. While the show can appeal to children of many ages,
      it's ideally suited for ages 8 and up. It's our most ambitious digital dome
      cinema project to date, including the sound design which will be done by
      George Lucas' Skywalker Sound.

      For more detailed descriptions and sample images, check out our distribution
      website at:


      The grand opening here in Salt Lake is set for February 13, and will be
      available for distribution in March. Feel free to email me directly if you
      have more questions or would like more sample images! A longer trailer will
      be posted to the website in a few weeks.

      Happy Saturnalia!


      Mike Murray
      Programs Manager
      Clark Planetarium
      110 South 400 West
      Salt Lake City, UT 84101
      (801) 456-4949
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