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  • Paul Bourke
    Aug 5, 2008
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      > Can anyone tell me what stitching software they have experience
      > with. This would be for stitching multiple photos together to create
      > panoramas, "fisheye," or larger-res imagery, not for stitching
      > together multi CGI renders for fulldome production. We've been using
      > Photoshop CS3, which is pretty good, but not in all cases.

      I can't recommend AutoPano Pro highly enough.
      I've used a few over the years and switched to AutoPano Pro when
      I had some panos that the others couldn't handle. Have used it for
      cylindrical, spherical, and fisheye stitching ... including 360 degree
      spherical projections from 3 x 180 fisheye shots.
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