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211WAC Mea Culpa Too

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  • Carolyn Sumners
    Jan 1, 1904
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      A preliminary hello from Houston

      I'm still in recovery mode from WAC, but I was glad we could meet on
      production and on standards for full dome. The agreement that we
      need to work together to have critical theater mass for getting
      productions made was very important. I'll try to get my report together
      on all the marketing comments over the weekend.

      Meanwhile, what impressed me most was Passport to the Universe
      showing on our dome with 4-year-old Barcos (without any tubes having
      been changed) and really looking good. Thanks to Steve and Ryan.

      Through a marvel of Barco switchery, we had both Sky-Skan and E&S
      high def as well as our low def all playing through the same Barco
      projectors. It wasn't perfect, but I thought everyone's stuff looked really

      The real winner may have been Spitz. After weeks of making the Barcos
      handle three different systems, Spitz strolled in, scooted their projector
      between our Digistar and a small Sony projector in the center of the
      room, plugged it in, and had a wonderful image in less than 4 hours.
      Lots of pure envy from the Barco alignment teams.

      Two other winners were the small domes -- both E&S and the
      MediaGlobe. These are going to give the big domes so much more
      distribution for materials -- and they both looked so good -- anything
      to make the pie bigger is very exciting.

      More to come.

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