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210WAC Mea Culpa

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  • Ryan Wyatt
    Nov 5, 2002
      Kris McCall inquired:
      >I was really hoping to hear something about the fulldome discussion
      >that was supposed to take place in Houston, but the list has been
      >dead since, and I am beginning to wonder if there was any useful

      Actually, the *quality* of the discourse is what has kept me from
      finishing my write-up: I spent two hours organizing my copious noted
      from the standards meeting, and I didn't finish! I've been meaning
      to get back to it. Sorry that hasn't already happened.

      Carolyn Sumners also agreed to post minutes for an ad-hoc discussion
      that she organized on the topic of fulldome video production and
      distribution issues.

      So I would hope that at least two documents of interest would come of
      the Western Alliance Conference.

      >Is there anything happening with standards ?

      Short answer: fruitful discussion happened, and more may come of it
      (see below).

      >Is there any joint effort between the fulldome vendors and the star
      >projector vendors to seamlessly blend the technologies and use them
      >each to their fullest potential ?

      Short answer: we thought IPS should initiate broader discussion by
      inviting vendors to participate in an effort to define and adopt

      >I thought there would surely be some comments about the demos and
      >the systems, etc., but nothing.

      My trigger finger is twitching over the "Approve" button. :)

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