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209WAC meeting-any reports?

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  • Don Davis
    Nov 5, 2002
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      I wish I could have gone but life is busy these days. A
      critical issue I presume was discussed is what the ideal
      dome tilt should be. If I were building a domed theater from
      scratch I would want a dome tilt of 22.5 degrees to provide
      some foreground scenery below the horizon line to the
      audience. Some people are opting for a smaller tilt. It
      would be nice to be able to provide more than a thin sliver
      of a scene while preserving a natural horizon line. If one
      wants to arbitrarily use a tipped horizon, such as by
      presenting a domed theater terrestrial scene in a flat dome,
      the audience can quickly adjust to the convention however I
      regard the ability to provide at least some of the audience
      with an eye level horizon a big part of that makes a tilted
      dome worthwhile.

      One issue I would like to hear about is the required
      resolution for the circular all dome files. It is important
      to render them as hi res as needed but the 'point of
      diminishing returns' provided by various current projection
      methods is important to know, so deadline driven rendering
      time isn't wasted. As for 'blending technologies', it seems
      to me that a sequence of all dome images should be
      convertable to any full dome projection system already. As
      the inventory of all dome imagery grows the biggest issues
      in using sequences from various sources will probably not be
      technical in nature but the obtaining of use rights.

      I like the systems which do not require a central projector,
      however if such a future high quality projector was only
      large enough to take up a seats worth of space without
      blocking anyones view the ideal of providing to central
      viewers a nearly distortion free view could still be
      addressed. I recall a huge factor in a central projector was
      the cost of a good fisheye projection lens, which alone may
      well cost as much as several good video projectors using
      more conventional optics. Of course the hassles of keeping a
      series of projectors maintained and aligned enters into the
      picture as well, but at the moment, so far as I know, a
      series of hi def projectors seem to provide the best all
      dome moving images.

      Don Davis
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