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1845Re: Splat! - A free intern fulldome short

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  • Ryan
    Mar 6, 2008
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      Hi Troy,

      I just wanted to say thank you for making such a cool and generous offer to the fulldome community.

      I enjoyed your piece quite a lot... it was pretty good when we juried the show here at Chabot in an early phase but the finished product was a great piece of work. It really uses the dome well and I recall a lot of oohs and aahhs in the audience. If some of you haven't seen the piece, it's a lot of fun and well worth checking out.

      Anyway, I'll get in contact because we'd love to be able to show it once in a while to dazzle our guests.

      Thanks again for a nice offer and best of luck to you at your new school.

      Ryan Turner
      Chabot Space & Science Center

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      From: Troy Whitmer <troywhitmer@...>
      To: fulldome@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 3:33:41 PM
      Subject: [fulldome] Splat! - A free intern fulldome short

      [Splat! cover]

      My name is Troy Whitmer, I'm a digital animation student in
      Colorado, just about to transfer to the Vancouver Film School. During an
      internship under Dan Neafus and Zach Zager at the Denver Museum of
      Nature and Science fellow student/intern Patrick Vidal and I made a
      short film that tried to put fulldome in a place it's never been; a
      factory. This short is set within a bustling production plant, when a
      series of events causes chaos and some large spills...

      We took this film to Domefest 2007, where it won a domie award and
      we had a blast meeting people and seeing the content on/destined for the

      Since the film was made in free time voluntarily we're releasing the
      short for free in it's original 2K format to anyone who would be
      interested in showing it. It is 1:47, and has 5.1 audio or a stereo
      mixdown, and can be sent in PNG images on DVD, or downloaded in a JPG
      sequence, feel free to contact me if you would like to have the dome

      There are HD versions, digitally corrected to reverse the fisheye and
      make it easier to preview on a normal monitor, available on my site.
      Video Download
      <http://home. comcast.net/ %7Etwbpfile1/ Video%20Files/ Splat_720wmv. wmv>
      - 37.5MB, 1280X720, WMV

      Splat page <http://home. comcast.net/ %7Etwbpfile1/ SPLATpage. html> -
      Images, explanation, and streaming options
      [Splat! factory floor]
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