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1395Re: Loch Ness Productions Introduces "Seasonal STARGAZING": Fulldome Video Start

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  • Jon Strawn
    Apr 2, 2007
      "Mark C. Petersen" wrote:

      > Fulldome Video Star Talks... What? Are they crazy?

      > Nope. Think of it as updating the traditional green-arrow show for the
      > new digital millennium.

      I'd like to applaud the effort. I think that too many full-dome
      venue's focus upon just showing films instead of doing star talks, and
      this is a good middle ground for places that don't have the funding or
      staffing to do live shows all the time. On the other hand, as someone
      who is currently working as a presenter doing star talks, well, I have
      a bit of an idea how the horses felt when the first automobiles
      rolled down the street.

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