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134Re: Glass half full?

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  • Don Davis
    May 15, 2002
      >We have debated the issues for the new planetarium for some time now
      >and some of the key questions that have come up are:

      >>Should Full-dome video be included in the planetarium? (I, of
      >>course, am strongly urging YES!)

      Of course

      >>Should large format film (such as IMAX) be included within the

      Forget about film. Not only is it an ungainly and expensive delicate
      medium, the film (and old fashioned star) projector in the middle of your
      domed theater robs you of the best seats in the house.

      >>Is large format film needed if full-dome video is part of the

      Not really.

      >>or are they better if separate?

      see below

      >>Would domed format or flat screen format film be better if in a
      >>separate theater from the planetarium?

      Since there seem to be no exclusively 'fisheye' 'omnimax' films being
      made for domed theaters one might as well regard large format films
      as a seperate medium entirely, to be shown in a seperate flat screen.

      >>Will full-dome video eventually replace large format film? And,
      >>will existing large format film properties be converted to video for
      >>showing on full-dome systems?

      Yes, since people with a 'render farm' can produce original material while
      custom made large format films are beyond the reach of practically
      everybody in the business

      >>Are the giant screen theater vendors making plans to convert to
      >>video and how will this affect full-dome in the future? (I have
      >>heard that several digital video large format theaters already exist)

      I think, providing the projection brightness issue can be tackled, that all
      Omnimax theaters should convert to all dome video, since they already
      have a nice tilted dome.

      >>Should we try to include full-dome production capability into our
      >>plan (at what costs) or will other vendors provide enough product to
      >>keep our system useful?

      I suspect for some sequences in house staff and facilities should be
      considered, with some 'specialty' work being commissioned.

      Don Davis
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