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1325Re: Non-Astro Dome

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  • Ed Lantz
    Mar 7, 2007
      A couple non-astro domes that I worked on at Spitz include:

      Volkswagen's Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany - Full sphere outer dome
      supported only by four entrance ramps, enclosed in glass building (very
      similar to AMNH's Hayden planetarium). It uses 4 edge-blended Barco 12,000
      lumen projectors to create a 220-degree vertical by 360 degree horizontal
      hyperhemisphere image. Preliminary display design by Spitz, final design
      and integration by Furneaux Stewart.


      Volkswagen's Glaserne Manufaktur, Dresden, Germany - Challenging custom dome
      design with walk-in platform and interactive kiosks. Includes
      hyperhemispheric image (with cutout for entrance door) using eight Barco 909
      CRT projectors. Four of the projectors are hidden under the platform and
      reflect off of mirrors to cover the top of the theater - the other four are
      hidden over the entry way and create a 254-degree horizontal panorama that
      extends 40-degrees below the spring line. Projection and playback system
      design and image mapping software by Spitz, system integration by BRC
      Imagination Arts.


      We also designed a fulldome system for Winn Entertainment's new casino (a
      proposed dome over the water stage - the projectors were too expensive for
      their budget!).

      Ed Lantz
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