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  • Martin Howe
    Mar 7, 2007
      The Lewali theater is a great example of how Dome theatres can be used
      creatively. Mark Matthews has already provided some useful background on
      the project. Other companies involved were SPL who were the technology
      main contractor. They provided the audio and control system and
      contracted us (SEOS) as specialist display system provider. Mark was at
      SEOS at the time and can be credited with winning the order (thanks

      We developed the MPEG server and display system configuration. It uses 5
      Barco Sim4's for the main dome and Projection design F1's for the
      central screens and the 'rock'. It was one of the first systems I saw
      when I joined SEOS and it's a lovely theatre and a very creative way of
      presenting non-astro content in a Dome. If you're in the area I do
      recommend a visit.

      So to answer Kevin's question, for the display system mostly Brits and
      for the rest mostly Americans!

      To pick up on Mark's other points, SEOS provided the display system for
      FHW in Athens (World's first Stereoscopic Fulldome) and CFL in the UK
      (working alongside E&S and Skyskan).

      Martin Howe
      Vice President, Visualization
      SEOS Ltd
      tel: +44 (0) 1444 870 888
      mob +44 (0) 7793 414 553
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