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1318Non-Astro Dome

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  • KDConod
    Mar 5, 2007
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      The topic of non-astronomy domes came up
      recently...I saw a nice example this past week in
      Washington DC. At the National Museum of the
      American Indian they have the Lelawi Theater
      which shows a 20-minute presentation "Who We
      Are". Very nicely done. One comes into the
      theater and sits on risers around the edge of the
      small dome. In addition to images on the dome
      overhead, the center is a cube-like wooden
      structure on which images are projected.
      Underneath is a rock on which video is also
      projected. Around the room are display cases
      which illuminate at appropriate spot during the

      I asked the presenter about the theater but she
      did not know much all she could say was that the
      theater was built by someone in Denmark. Anyone
      know who put this theater together?

      Kevin Conod
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