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117Re: [fulldome] News from AMNH -- from Vendors, Too?

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  • Timo Rahunen
    Dec 17, 2001
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      Hello all,

      We are going to install a partial dome video system in Tampere Planetarium,
      Finland. Our projector system is going to be able to show both prerecorded
      video materials (Standard and High Definition) and real-time 3D graphics
      from genlocked PCs. We are now looking for information about video
      sources, especially about High Definition uncompressed and MPEG2 players and
      their suitability to dome environment. Does anyone have any information and
      experiences to share?

      Warm regards from cold and dark Finland

      Timo Rahunen


      Timo Rahunen, PhD - Head, Dolphinarium and Planetarium
      Tampereen Sarkanniemi Oy, FIN-33230 Tampere, Finland
      e-mail: timo.rahunen@...
      phone: +358-3-2488225 mobile: +358-400 625891 fax: +358-3-2121279
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