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116News from AMNH -- from Vendors, Too?

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  • Ryan Wyatt
    Dec 16, 2001
      So many things happening, so little to say?

      I thought I'd break the months-long silence on the list with a brief
      question to the vendors on the list. Since I assume y'all are
      interested in letting us know what's in the works, would any of you
      care to describe some of the projects you have underway? New
      theaters recently opened or opening soon? Shows about to be
      released? Attendance records broken? Souls inspired?

      I'll mention a tiny fulldome item in the works here at the American
      Museum of Natural History. We have a "Moveable Museum" going on the
      road early next year -- a Winnabego stripped of the typical
      accoutrements and stocked with interactive physics and astronomy
      exhibits. One of the featured workstations will employ an eLumens
      VisionStation (http://www.elumens.com) running interactive software
      that allows students to steer around the solar system.

      I mentioned the eLumens technolgy in the very last posting to the
      group ('way back on 19 September) in terms of its high-profile
      appearance at SIGGRAPH. We're hoping to explore public
      implementations of the technology in the Moveable Museum.

      I should also note that the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
      also uses eLumens VisionStations in its new CyberSpace interactive
      exhibit. I visited there last week and enjoyed the exciting
      environment they've created -- well beyond the scope of this message
      to describe, but something to check out!

      Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing some traffic on the list now
      that all people have to do is attend holiday parties and write
      emails. :) Even if you don't choose to write, have a happy solstice
      and a very merry holiday season.

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