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  • Ryan Wyatt
    Sep 22, 2006
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      > Steve, the in joke went over my head.

      From "X-Men." Professor X's mutant-finding machine Cerebro is
      depicted in the films as a giant spherical chamber. I don't know who
      did the fulldome installation at Xavier's School for Gifted
      Youngsters, but Goto claims to have done the only four-pi steradian
      installation, so I can only assume it was they. Much more
      interesting would be to know who did the installation of the Danger
      Room, since that's a much more impressive bit of technology.


      > Just can't help feeling that we're going to see some truly
      > startling visual music in the dome that will attract a stampede of
      > patrons to the dome in due course.

      I think it will have to start with individual artists getting behind
      the medium, willing to allow use of their music in the dome, etc.
      One of the challenges with "SonicVision" was acquiring all the music
      rights. Our connections with MTV made that a lot easier, but it was
      still a costly and time-consuming effort. Plus, we negotiated rights
      based on our non-profit status, so it would be even more challenging
      for a commercial institution. If, on the other hand, Laurie Anderson
      or Philip Glass decide that they want to collaborate on a production
      for the medium...

      Just my $0.02.

      Ryan, a.k.a.
      Ryan Wyatt, Science Visualizer
      Rose Center for Earth & Space
      American Museum of Natural History
      79th Street at Central Park West
      New York, NY 10024
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