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1122Re: The Planetarium Identity Crisis

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  • Tom Casey
    Sep 22, 2006
      On Sep 22, 2006, at 1:00 PM, Ryan Wyatt wrote:

      I'll take credit and/or flak for "fulldome." Back in the late 1990s,
      I was rather taken with the Wired Style Guide, and one of the
      observations made in that small tome was that adjectives tend to lose
      their hyphen over time; thus, "on-line" becomes "online," "world-
      wide" becomes "worldwide," etc. Properly, as a compound adjective,
      "full-dome" should receive a hyphen, but I decided we should jump the
      gun and go for the single-word "fulldome." Thus, IMNAAHO, "full dome
      video" is incorrect, "full-dome" is proper but not preferred, and
      "fulldome" just looks the most pleasing to me.

      From a producer's view, all of the planetariums we deal with are
      referring to the media as "fulldome." So it's already widely accepted.

      And anyway, I just finished editing all our informational and
      promotional materials to read "fulldome" instead of "all dome" that
      was used initially about 8 years ago. Also, we've been using the
      word "immersive" more as an experience expression, not as a
      definition of the medium.


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