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11Re: [fulldome] Some initial Full-Dome video thoughts

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  • webb@adlernet.org
    Oct 2, 2000
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      Scott.Miller@... writes:
      >If the stars provide a back drop for an astronomy-related program, then
      >there is some things that could be done better with interlaced video than
      >say with all sky panorama systems. Again, the sacrifice is resolution.
      >You still cannot beat the resolution of still photographic film with video.
      >Even high def. video can't do it. If motion is necessary, then the resolution
      >may not be as important (but, the Adler does something like this now and
      >I was not impressed with their rendition of it in their tilted dome).

      Our system here at Adler projects real time imagery. Our resolution is
      limited (for now ) by what subject matter can be rendered in 1/30 second
      or less. Don't confuse that with projector resolution or image quality on
      the screen.

      While I would agree that video on the dome is not up to film quality...
      yet... I would have to admit that it is a whole lot closer than I thought
      it would be. The Barco 1209 series projector is being discontinued at the
      end of this year. It will be replaced with a model called the BR909. The
      resolution of the BR909 is 3200x2560. If you put six of those projectors
      on the dome at full resolution you will have a full color star field that
      you can fly through. You and I could, probably, still tell the difference
      between that and a Zeiss. However, I'm willing to bet that your audience
      won't be commenting about the star field quality as they exit the theater.

      nightsight@... writes:
      >I spent some time two days ago at the FlorPlan Conference talking with the
      >Spitz Representative
      >about their system. Even he agrees that video systems are a very long way
      >from having the resolution necessary to replace the star projector. And
      >even when they do, it will be even longer before the price will allow most
      >domes to use them.

      No offense but I would guess that Spitz wants people to have full dome
      video AND a star ball in their theater. Ask a vendor that does not sell
      star projectors the same question and see what they say.
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