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109Query about fulldome systems

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  • Michael V. Magee
    Jul 17, 2001
      Hello everyone,

      We are in the mid stages of developing plans for a new science center
      and planetarium here in Tucson to replace the existing Flandrau
      Science Center and Planetarium. I have been spending increasing
      amounts of time looking into the various existing and developing
      technologies available for planetariums in preparation for our new
      facility. I have been tracking the fulldome technologies as best as I
      can from conference visits and this list-serve but I must admit to
      being woefully ignorant about the subject.

      I would like to put together a list of manufacturers or vendors who
      are currently supplying fulldome video systems and/or associated
      software and hardware. Does anyone out there have such a
      comprehensive list or at least a few recommendations? Anything would
      be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,
      Michael Magee
      Michael V. Magee Voice: (520) 621-3645
      Planetarium Director FAX: (520) 621-8451
      Flandrau Science Center email: mvmagee@...
      1601 E. University Blvd. pager: (520) 410-3670
      University of Arizona vmail: (520) 621-2001;111-1132
      Tucson, AZ 85719 http://www.flandrau.org/
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