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108Monthly Administrative Note

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  • Ryan Wyatt
    Jul 17, 2001
      I couldn't let an entire month go by without some kind of posting,
      even if it's just the monthly administrative note...

      We're up to 112 members now, all waiting on the edge of their seats
      for the next fulldome post. This particular (less than exciting)
      message simply covers some questions that occasionally come my way
      and helps to keep everybody on the same electronic page. I post
      something similar every month.

      To reiterate... The intended audience for this group is not limited
      to users of a particular system or a particular company. Both real-time
      and playback media fall under the purvey of the group, within the realm
      of both fulldome and panoramic video technologies. While philosophical
      speculation about the effect of this nascent technology on the planetarium
      medium also makes sense as a topic of discussion, the core purpose of
      this list should not stray to subjects better addressed on DOME-L or
      in other forums.

      I will moderate the list, approving both subscribers and postings.
      You may contact me directly by mailing to


      To send messages to members of this group, simply send email to


      If you do not wish to belong to fulldome, you may unsubscribe at any
      time by sending an email to


      To tell your friends to subscribe, have them send a blank email


      Also, note that many features are available online at the web site
      version of the list:


      Including access to a complete and up-to-date subscriber list and
      archives of all postings (even the ones from before you joined).
      Plus, you can change account options to have email sent to you
      in digested format or only collected online. You must sign up
      with your email address and enter a password in order to access
      these features.

      Also, you can respond to our ongoing poll, if you haven't already,
      on the web at:


      You may also visit the Yahoo Groups web site to modify your subscriptions:


      Thanks for reading!

      Ryan Wyatt, Science Visualizer
      Rose Center for Earth & Space
      American Museum of Natural History
      79th Street & Central Park West
      New York, NY 10024
      212.313.7903 vox
      212.313.7868 fax
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