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  • Erik Roberts
    Aug 31, 2006
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      > .. getting back in touch
      > with the pre-frame imagination...

      > domes as magical cauldrons... or as the outer
      > extension of our craniums...

      > spaces which, in a way, predate the frame..

      > the campfire... and the dream

      > .. I look up into my empty dome and in a very visceral
      > way I "feel" the underside of the top of my skull filling
      > with the ideas

      Hi Hue, so helpful to have these glimpses of how you think
      about designing / producing for the dome - these are
      wonderful analogies and your idea that painting, theatre,
      photography, and cinema have taught us to see and think
      within the box frame is brilliant - can I please quote you?
      This raises very interesting theoretical issues, doesn't
      it, as well as pointing to a uniquely intimate way of
      working that you, Pip, Don and others are pioneering -
      almost like listening to the dome and letting it tell you
      what it wants. Using this "visceral" approach of yours
      there is every likelihood that people who see your work
      will feel that connection you have with the medium and be
      transported just as you want them to be - does this make
      sense? It's all about empathy, (with the medium's form -
      it's distinctive nature) is that what you are saying?

      It's interesting because what you are hinting at is that
      the planetarium theatre is like a giant "brain-womb" and
      full-dome experience can engage / evoke ancestral memories
      - affinities with nature we have forgotten that we have???
      Could you correct me here, or say a little more - you have
      me most intrigued... (also, the analogy between the dome
      and the brain suggests that it would make a natural subject
      for a full-dome show - sure to be some funding somewhere.
      Has it already been done? The prelude to Astronaut suggest
      how exciting it could be.) I'm sure it would help everyone
      to understand how the creative mind conceives, immersively
      speaking, for this fertile new medium.

      Thanks, Hue.

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