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No Till Farming.

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  • Raju Titus
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2009
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      Laughing Planet Cafe Introduces New Smart Beans(TM)
      CSR Press Release
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      Laughing Planet Cafe Introduces New Smart Beans(TM)

      Portland, OR-based Restaurant Partners with Local Farmers and
      Suppliers to Put Tastier, More Sustainable Beans on its Menu

      Submitted by:Truitt Bros., Inc.

      Categories:Sustainability, Natural/Organic Products

      Posted: Jun 10, 2009 – 11:30 AM EST

      CSRwire- PORTLAND, Ore. – June 10, 2009 – After two years of intensive
      testing and sampling, Laughing Planet Café is introducing “smart
      beans” into its seven quick-service establishments in Oregon. The new
      beans, which are Food Alliance certified and are grown in Central
      Washington using “no-till” farming methods, will replace the current
      pinto and black beans that are grown conventionally and transported
      from the Midwest. Beans are a prominent source of protein and a staple
      ingredient in many of Laughing Planet’s wholesome burritos, bowls and
      made-from-scratch soups.

      Laughing Planet Café collaborated with Truitt Bros., a Salem, Oregon
      food processor and industry-leading Food Alliance-certified operation,
      to source and test the new beans, and ensure that the dry pintos have
      been raised and processed in a sustainable manner. Later this month,
      Laughing Planet will turn to the same local grower and processor to
      replace their black bean supply.

      “These beans represent a significant leap forward for bean-kind and a
      vast improvement over conventional products,” says Richard Satnick,
      Laughing Planet Café’s founder and chief burrito officer. “By using
      locally produced beans rather than those from the Midwest, we can
      significantly reduce our restaurant’s environmental footprint. Even
      more importantly, the beans are grown using farming methods that
      conserve soil and reduce the need for fossil fuel-powered

      No-till farming is a method of planting seeds directly in the rubble
      of previous crops, without having to till the soil and disrupt the
      crucial layer of topsoil known as the rhyzosphere. This soil zone
      contains billions of organisms per square inch that account for the
      soil’s productivity and, arguably, the aesthetic and nutritional
      outcome of plant foods grown in it. By utilizing a no-till method,
      farmers can actually build healthier soil over time while delivering
      higher quality products.

      “No-till agriculture is one of the more important tools currently
      available to slow down the loss of our country’s most valuable
      agricultural commodity – quality soil,” says Peter Truitt, president
      of Truitt Bros. “By working the entire supply chain – farm to café –
      we can demonstrate that you can produce a superior product while also
      ensuring that farmland is being protected and enhanced.”

      Virtually all conventional farming and even most organic farms use
      massive cultivators to turn the soil prior to and after planting. This
      process of tillage exposes the soil to wind and water erosion, where
      the rich rhyzosphere dries up and is blown or washed away. A notorious
      example of this process was seen in the Dust Bowl era of the 1930’s,
      where Midwest farmers suffered through devastating conditions brought
      on by unsustainable farming practices.

      About Laughing Planet Café
      Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Laughing Planet
      Café’s quick-service restaurants offer wholesome food in a convenient,
      family friendly, neighborhood-centric format. The privately held
      restaurant emphasizes fresh, whole and organic foods offering diners
      balanced nutrition. Just as importantly, its mission would be to
      increase the world's supply of mirth, humor and beans.

      In the spring of 2008, Laughing Planet’s commitment to social and
      environmental responsibility was honored by the City of Portland’s
      Office of Sustainability with a “BEST Award” (Businesses for an
      Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow) for its sustainable practices in
      sourcing, preparing and serving food; and expanding availability of
      nutritious, affordable, culturally appropriate food. But the biggest
      reward is the thousands of “Planet People” who return to enjoy the
      all-fruit smoothies while surfing the Internet, catch up with a friend
      over a veggie quesadilla, or stop by to grab a take-out burrito
      conveniently shaped to fit in their bike's water bottle holder. For
      more information and locations visit www.LaughingPlanetCafe.com

      About Truitt Bros.
      Operated by brothers David and Peter Truitt in Salem, Oregon, Truitt
      Bros. is a third-generation family-owned food processor. Leaders in
      bringing quality and innovation to the industry, Truitt Bros. provides
      shelf stable products for a wide variety of establishments, from
      restaurants and businesses to health care and retailers. As part of
      their commitment to preservation of wildlife and natural resource as
      well as positive employee relations and sound manufacturing practices,
      Truitt Bros. became the first Food Alliance certified processor in the
      country in May of 2006. For more information, visit:

      For more information about Food Alliance certification, visit

      Media: Interviews with Richard Satnick, Peter Truitt and farmers are
      available upon request.

      For more information, please contact:
      Amy Brown Publicist
      Phone: 503.341.3795
      Phone 2: 503.230.7099
      Fax: 503.230.7099

      For more from this organization:
      Truitt Bros., Inc.

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