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Fukuoka's farm and Synergy Seeds

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  • gate44o
    Thank you Jamie for the background on the Fukuoka farm. I did note that there was some doubt about what was happening there. Did anyone in fact get out to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2002
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      Thank you Jamie for the background on the Fukuoka farm. I did note
      that there was some doubt about what was happening there. Did anyone
      in fact get out to the farm in person to doublecheck on the situation?
      Where does Sensei live now?

      I will keep the list posted on George's activity at synergyseeds.com
      and copy you all here below with the basics that he forwarded to me.
      Sorry for the poor formatting, that's how I got it.

      And thanks Jamie for calling me vivacious. After a year in recovery
      from spinal fractures and five years of recovery from multiple drug
      overdose, it's nice to have something to be vivacious about and to
      really feel it.

      I have had good spiritual direction from the Right Use of Will books
      channeled through Ceanne de Rohan out of Santa Fe, but the actual
      hands on what to do every day and live well with it has come more from
      Masanobu's inspiration.

      I am deeply indebted and thankful to him and all those who have helped
      me to find, understand and apply his method and non-method.


      From: "george stevens" <synergy67@...>

      Thanks for your interest in our Wilderness Nature Farm Retreat. We
      regret having to send a form response and hope to update this soon.

      Located high on a ridge directly above the Klamath & Salmon River
      Confluence, the 60 acre
      >>>site is surrounded by an old-growth forest of sugar pine, firs,
      >>>pepperwood (bay), and oaks. Several seasonal creeks converge in a
      >>>forest of alder, Oregon ash and willow; and lush understory plants
      >>>azalea, manzanita, ceanothus, quinine bush, currant, honeysuckle, &
      >>>santa. Woodland trails encircle the site
      >>>and lead to spectacular view points and an enchanted meadow
      >>>primordial moss, lichen and a voluminous spring fed pool.
      >>> We grow a wide diversity of food and seed crops for maximum
      >>>self-sufficiency within a six acre deer-fenced clearing, with
      >>>irrigation water from several sources. Employing a mix of innovative
      >>>methods and traditional cultivation we have seen a steady increase
      >>>production from what was once a severely degraded pasture, suffering
      >>>compaction, overgrazing, erosion etc. We use no pesticides
      whatsoever and
      >>>avoid importations of commercial fertilizer materials that most
      >>>growers take for granted. We build home-made compost and utilize
      crop and
      >>>forest residues for mulch. Wildlife abounds and we try to confuse
      >>>distract the birds, bears and all from taking too much, while
      >>>the balance of Nature.
      >>> We do not try to overproduce and export food from the site. The 2
      >>>road in is steep and alot of maintenance is required. The purpose of
      >>>seed breeding and production is to select the best of the crop and
      >>>plenty of food to share from the margins. There's no ready market to
      >>>off to, so the pace of this farm is remarkably calm and focussed,
      >>>utmost attention to detail. It has become an invaluable educational
      >>>for those grappling with the concept of sustainability. A library
      >>>archive of organic books & literature is available for study and
      >>>Opportunities abound for experiential (occasionally paying) work on
      >>>farms in the surrounding area. The diversity of native plants in
      >>>is world-renowned and many habitats are represented for wildcrafting
      >>>plant identification.
      >>> The communities of Orleans, Happy Camp and Hoopa, situated along
      >>>& Scenic rivers here, are comprised of a diverse mix of Native
      >>>Forest Service workers & families, and homesteaders such as
      ourselves. We
      >>>are almost equidistant (about 2hrs drive) from Arcata/ Eureka,
      >>>Oregon, and victorian Weaverville, and whitewater recreation is a
      >>>tourism draw. Marble Mountains Wilderness area, the Trinity alps,
      >>>Siskyou Wildlands provide spectacular hiking. But the pristine
      >>>River is truly the main attraction when the mercury climbs to over
      >>>100degrees on an average summer day. Thankfully the cool breezes
      >>>both the Northcoast (only 25miles downriver) and the higher heights
      >>>often require a change of clothes several times each day. Occasional
      >>>thunderstorms intervene in otherwise endless weeks of California
      >>>Needless to say the air is incredibly pure, and aside from our low
      >>>solar lighting not a single artificial light is in view at dusk:
      >>>sparkling Siskyou starlight.
      >>> This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for self-motivated
      >>>seek a definitive experience in organic agriculture. In my 25 years
      >>>farming I have hosted visitors from 50 countries, and have provided
      >>>for a large number of interns. The unique circumstances here make it
      >>>difficult to issue a one-size-fits-all program or format for
      >>>and until we have more time available to flesh this out we will
      >>>organic volunteers on a first come first served basis with the
      >>>that you provisionally commit to being here first for two days,
      then two
      >>>weeks and hopefully two months of participation on the farm. We
      expect an
      >>>average of only 2 hours a day of farm work, with the understanding
      >>>possess a strong motivation for personal sustenance: chores such as
      >>>firewood, food gathering & preparation, patroling the fence and
      >>>lines, etc.
      >>>SYNERGY SEEDS Please visit our website: www.synergyseeds.com
      >>>CONFLUENCE NATURE FARM For scheduling and directions please call
      >>>voicemail and leave a number and time to call or send a
      >>>stamped envelope to POBox 323 Orleans, CA 95556 (530-623-7418)
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