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Re: Books by Masanobu Fukuoka

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  • Judy Phillips
    ... somewhat amusing, since your group posts two electronic versions of One Straw for free download. Robert--please don t take the question of about the
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 2, 2002
      Robert Hayes wrote:

      >>I take my business very seriously and find the questions about legitimacy
      somewhat >>amusing, since your group posts two electronic versions of One
      Straw for free download.

      Robert--please don't take the question of about the legitimacy of your sale
      of One Straw Revolution personally--I am sure that it was in no way meant to
      insult you or to question your honesty.
      What you read in that one post was part of an extended thread that has been
      ongoing since this group was formed. There has been much frustration because
      none if us in North America had been able to find copies of Fukuoka's work
      anywhere. One source was finally uncovered in India, but we learned that
      these were "bootleg" copies and none of the proceeds were actually going to
      Sensei Fukuoka. Many of us were hesitant to support this kind of piracy.
      One of our members did kindly post a copy of One Straw Revolution for us
      online--since none of us here in the U.S. could get ahold of it and we all
      desperately wanted to be "on the same page" as it were in our ongoing
      discussions. I for one was very grateful for the favor. To be fair, the
      member who posted the book for us did encourage us to keep seeking a
      legitimate source for the materials. If we have found one in you, then we
      are very happy!
      Would you mind telling us where the copies you are selling originated? Does
      Fukuoaka indeed profit from these sales?
      I am on a very limited budget, but would love to own copies of all of
      Fukuoka's works, so that I may better understand and teach his methods in my
      I hope that you will continue with our group and add your insights to our
      Green Blessings,
      Judy Phillips
    • strawrevolution
      I, too, wish to see Fukuoka s ideas reach as wide an audience as possible, and I m okay with the electronic versions being posted here. I even have another
      Message 2 of 4 , Sep 5, 2002
        I, too, "wish to see Fukuoka's ideas reach as wide an audience as possible," and I'm okay with the electronic versions being posted here. I even have another link for your access list: Touchwood Books www.touchwoodbooks.co.nz

        The source of the Fukuoka books that I carry is indeed India. Partap Aggarwal, in his preface to One Straw, Other India Press, states that he "wrote and obtained [Rodale Press'] permission to print an Indian edition for a nominal royalty." He got to know both Fukuoka and Robert Rodale, and they gave permission to encourage translation of One Straw into various Indian languages. Road Back to Nature and Natural Way of Farming are published by bookventure "by arrangement with Japan Publications, Inc. of Tokyo and New York." I don't know if Fukuoka benefits from these arrangements or not. Perhaps he would be open to reissuing US editions. Is anyone who will see him in October willing to bring it up?

        I'm not really a book store per se, though I used to own one and have a knack for finding hard to find books. My wife and I live a long way down a bad dirt road in the middle of nowhere between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. My business involves Sustainable Building (emphasis on straw bale), Renewable Energy (solar/wind), Distributed Generation (house by house grid tied solar/wind "green" power), and Energy Conservation (effecient appliances, etc.). For me, Fukuoka's work is a piece, a very important piece, of a bigger picture.

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