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Re: [fukuoka_farming] All Current Threads as One

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  • Wendy
    hi there. I hate to reply without finishing reading emails but I have little time as I m off to Alaska today. As far as the web site; my mom is working on a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 27, 2002
      hi there.
      I hate to reply without finishing reading emails but I have little time as
      I'm off to Alaska today.

      As far as the web site; my mom is working on a project which will have an
      element of this sharing in it and for folks to go in and share and also find
      out... I will share more as it progresses as I think others would be
      interested as it brings a look at the bigger picture and many elements to
      help inspire, etc. but right now it needs a little time to unfold... she is
      also interested in Fukuoka's work.

      Off the top of my head, I don't think it wise to limit our ideas and
      projects etc. to just Fukuoka's work and ideas.

      As far as Kristi you going to the course and meeting Fukuoka-- obviously, it
      is up to you what you want to ask and say-- For the project (is more than
      just the website) I am working on with my mother we would like to connect
      with him to see if he might want to participate or we could buy some of his
      film footage from projects he's done if he doesn't want to participate. So,
      yes just updated contact info. and perhaps an understanding from him as to
      if he wants to interact/connect and how (i.e. would he mind a letter, a
      phone call, etc.).

      thanks to all for the continued input and inspriation!

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      > I would first like to thank Robert Monie for his unbelievably constant
      > assistance to everyone on this list. He seems to have unending
      > capability, patience and willingness. I bow before your compassion and
      > earnestness. Second I would like to mention that the concept of a
      > world map where each of us could post our experiences and photos is a
      > doable concept in a simple website database design that could be done
      > with minimum money or a friendly website designer. Does this list have
      > the resolve to put money up to build an appropriate site for this and
      > other projects we create? Is there a patron among us? Having worked in
      > tech, I know the right people and could get the right deals on a
      > website, but we would need some funding without a tech expert in our
      > ranks. What would we want as a domain name for such a site? I and it
      > is clear that we believe it is important to unite the research and
      > history of this movement. It is important to begin immediate
      > compilation of biographical information about Masanobu. Work on the
      > Japanese translation of his new text is critical as was recently
      > mentioned. Did I also hear that Masanobu no longer owns his farm.
      > What's up with that?
      > What may make sense, and appeal to Sensei, would be to establish a
      > non-profit foundation or trust to administer Fukuoka related
      > properties, intellectual as well as physical. The land trust movement
      > in biodynamic agriculture and the credit union movement in Australian
      > permaculture could be important components of moving Natural Farming
      > forward.
      > I came to Fukuoka through Organics, but have looked at Biodynamics and
      > Permaculture as relevant and positive as well. For me - an extremely
      > sensitive, emotionally damaged individual - Fukuoka farming has been
      > liberating in a fundamental way that none of the other methods have
      > been. My wife, who may perhaps be even more sensitive to fear of
      > failure feels the same way, and it is my sense that vast quantities of
      > the human populace, particularly in the developed world suffer from
      > fear of crop failure and inadequate productivity, thus resorting back
      > to supermarket or imported food, organic or otherwise.
      > Organic, Biodynamic and Permaculture are all super sophisticated
      > systems that do much to intimidate newcomers. One Straw is light on
      > the soul and breezes through our feathers lifting us to the garden on
      > swirling winds of freedom. Without that one straw in my hands,
      > biodynamics, organics and permaculture would be so much daunting
      > menace. With it, they are swirling pools of possibility which I
      > analyze through the all-important lens Masanobu handed me. The
      > constant negative or limiting commentary from growing manuals
      > Grandmother, uncle in law, cousin-in-law and the like would be hard to
      > take without Masanobu behind me.
      > The permaculture troops are strong folks, the biodynamic folks are
      > limited spiritual scientists with a willingness to do lots of work all
      > the time. Organic farmers similarly focus on yields over ecology more
      > than they will like to admit. None of this is wrong, but the fairies
      > amongst us are still unlikely to hasten to their call. There's too
      > much to lose all the time. If we don't make alot, or do it right or
      > whatever the accepted goal is, we are failures and back we go to our
      > holes.
      > I have written to Jim Bones several times recently, with no response,
      > but I will call him soon and ask his advice on contacting Masanobu. It
      > should not be that hard to keep track of him these days. He is fairly
      > passionnate about his work and will most likely be agreeable to our
      > efforts. After all we are non-profit. His beef is with Rodale, Seeds
      > of Change and Lundgren Farms who were third parties that mismanaged
      > his gifts or writing.
      > Who here has a Japanese friend? That too is something we need. Does
      > anyone know how to get in touch with Larry Korn, Masanobu's
      > translator?
      > I feel like foraging is totally on topic here and I love the way it is
      > worming its way into the discussion. After all what once was forage is
      > now cultivated. One day perhaps there will be lambs quarters seeds
      > from Burpee... The essential unifying thread is nourishment from
      > nature. Long before any of this was part of my life, I lived in the
      > hope that Jesus' words on the topic were true. "Think not what thou
      > shalt eat for God takes care of the sparrow and so shall She you." My
      > modern translation heh... No longer "Christian" I still love many of
      > Jesus' words and thank him for shining that light through my long
      > years in the darkness of civilization.
      > Which brings me to the idea of spirituality within agriculture. Seeing
      > God in Nature is right. For me it is necessary for basic health. I was
      > refreshed when Masanobu actually used the word God in his books. Using
      > the word Nothing forced me to think it over until I realized that by
      > that he meant no thing, as in no particular procedure, do no
      > particular thing all the time. I like the name that the Indian
      > foreword to One Straw uses: Rishi Farming. Natural Farming is good
      > too. God Farming is perhaps the most rewarding way of looking at it.
      > The word Farming is also a poorly connotating work in this context. I
      > am currently living in the Czech Republic, where my wife is from, and
      > love the linguistic roots here. In Czech, which is a Slavic language
      > with deep pagan roots, the word for farming is literally translated as
      > earth-making or earth doing: from the words earth and to make or do.
      > Similarly a farmer is an earth maker. God grower. We grow God.
      > Like the old Greek and Roman Gods. Ceres, god of Cereal...
      > Check out the word for the month of August: Srpna as in serpent, or
      > the shape of the hand reaper or scythe. What's the word for scythe in
      > Czech... Srpn. How about September... Glows, Shines. What September
      > does in the temperate zones, glows with the last of summer. October:
      > Deer Mating Season. Novermber: leaves fall. The old pagan cultures of
      > Europe were very similar to the native american cultures. It's the
      > Roman Imperial influence and the homogenization of the Church
      > structure that reduced so much to numbers and dead emperors.
      > I finished Mollison's piece yesterday on seedsofchange.com under
      > newsletters... permaculture. I liked him better after the second part
      > of the interview than the first. The part about the government of
      > Vietnam giving out the Permaculture Handbook free to every farmer was
      > awesome. We could do that too. The whole of Vietnam is organic
      > according to Mollison. That's pretty cool.
      > Permaculture reaches that layer of human society that loves action.
      > Perhaps even larger in number are those that appreciate non-action as
      > much or more. A coordinated Fukuoka movement could mobilize whole
      > strata of society that would rather doing something other than watch
      > TV, but for whom the hassle of traditional even organic veggie growing
      > is so much nightmare and fear. Someone else is always going to have
      > more or bigger or less disease or whatever. For them, Fukuoka will be
      > a light and a release. There can be no greater action than increasing
      > the distribution of Fukuoka's work and nonwork.
      > There is much we can do to concentrate, centralize and improve the
      > dissemination of this information. I am excited to be a part of this
      > effort.
      > Leland
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