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  • yashanich
    Bringing this up again, just wondering of anybody knows where I could get copies of either the book The Ultimatum of God: The One Straw Recapitulation or the
    Message 1 of 17 , Dec 2, 2008
      Bringing this up again, just wondering of anybody knows where I could
      get copies of either the book "The Ultimatum of God: The One Straw
      Recapitulation" or the DVD Masanobu Goes to India. Information
      leading to either would be greatly appreciated.


      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Jamie Nicol"
      <souscayrous@...> wrote:
      > Hello Ranju, as you say, there is much interest in Fukuoka's work,
      but very
      > little understanding - for example, a lack of knowledge is the
      > to begin NF!
      > The video I mentioned is from Fukuoka's tour of India in 1998 and
      > a visit to several NF farms, including 'Mr Save's' (I take it that
      this is
      > Bhaskar Save, but the caption on the video is not specific).
      Michiyo Shibuya
      > offered the video for sale back in February (message number 5482)
      as well as
      > Fukuoka's last book, 'The Ultimatum of God/Nature (Kami): The One-
      > Revolution, A Recapitulation', 1996 - perhaps she still has copies
      > I am very interested in the NF movement in India and believe that
      India is
      > fortunately placed (physically and spiritually) to hear Fukuoka's
      > As I've mentioned before, there is a world in the making, and India
      > well be the place where it blossoms first. In 'Recapitulation', on
      > 215-216, under the heading 'A Message for the 21st Century',
      Fukuoka writes;
      > "In this relative world, the centrifugal growth of man's material
      > civilization...is nearing the limits of expansion. It is inviting
      > destruction of nature and the ruin of the human spirit. We would
      have to say
      > this is an age on the verge of disintegration and collapse. The
      > century will have to be an age of spiritual culture, in which we
      reverse our
      > course and return in a centripetal manner to the source of nature,
      which is
      > god/nature (Kami). In other words...an age in which we live in
      > following natural methods along the nameless way of no-knowledge and
      > no-action."
      > The video and book reveal how Fukuoka has moved beyond his earlier
      books to
      > an NF which gives up human reason to just cast seeds and seedballs
      and allow
      > nature to pick and choose what grows, where and when.
      > I would very much like to make contact with Indian NFers with a
      view to one
      > day making a visit, to learn and to share my own experiences,
      perhaps even
      > to document Indian NF in video and writing too. So please, if you
      > interested in NF, practicising NF or know someone involved in NF in
      > make yourself known and let's be part of the change the earth needs.
      > Jamie
      > Souscayrous
      > On 6/13/07, ranju <tobeangel2000@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Friends -
      > >
      > > Its great to know there so many of us interested in this subject.
      > > Though i dont post much for the lack of knowledge on this
      subject, i
      > > regularly read the postings on this forum and am really
      > > from it. Thanks to you all guys. I am in India and i am looking
      > > any documentary on Fukuoka or No - till farming or organic
      farming in
      > > DVD or VCD or any Video format , so that i can generate awareness
      > > interest among my friends and colleauges. Also documntaries on
      > > people like Bhaskar Save or others whom might be in India or
      > > elsewhere could also help,.
      > >
      > > Wishing you all goodluck.
      > >
      > > Ranju
      > >
      > >
      > >
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