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Re: [fukuoka_farming] bee colony collapse disorder

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  • asteresplanetai
    ... well, but isn t angemalaika redundant? (sorry, couldn t resist. mostly i agree with you.)
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 14, 2008

      >> interesting article here:
      >> http://www.physorg com/news14572150 3.html
      >> thought others might like to see it.

      > Posted by: "Ben Kobus" angemalaika@... angemalaika

      > Thanks. Interesting indeed. Annoyingly long-winded, though ... my
      > kingdom for an executive summary! The substance could have been
      > expressed in 1/10 the space, saving us all a lot of time reading it,
      > if they did not insist on turning it into a sort of chirpy science
      > detective story. Sorry to be negative, but I am annoyed at the
      > cheesy journalism getting in the way of a story that needs to be
      > more widely known.

      well, but isn't "angemalaika" redundant?

      (sorry, couldn't resist. mostly i agree with you.)

      ---john burnett
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