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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Personal observations (was Re: Thank You Carol)

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  • Rex Teague
    Hello Bargyla et al ... No I haven t seen any Rife microscope fragments but I share your curiosity about Rife s innovations. It is many years since I dropped
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      Hello Bargyla et al

      On 4 Nov 01, Bargyla Rateaver wrote:
      > Dear Rex Teague, at last at last I get somewhere. This must be
      > what I was hunting for and could not find. Is there anywhere else I
      > can get more of rhis information? Especially i want to know, have
      > you seen that enormous fragment of the Rife microscope? Long ago I
      > was taken to a small house where it is housed--that part of it not
      > destroyed? I'd like to go again. Who could take me to it?

      No I haven't seen any Rife microscope fragments but I share your
      curiosity about Rife's innovations. It is many years since I dropped off
      the Bare/Rife list, a number of people were attempting to reproduce
      his microscope and other equipment. A potted history of the
      microscope is available at http://www.rife.de/mscope/mscope1.htm.
      There is a reference to the possibility of one in private ownership in
      the USA... maybe what you have seen?

      Gaston Naessens has developed a very powerful microscope which
      he uses for his live blood/somatid research http://www.cerbe.com

      Michael Coyle whom I quoted briefly in my previous post offers
      courses in dark-field microscopy: http://www.nulifesciences.com

      > I am glad I have found you again. Please tell me where I can find
      > you again when I need you. Thanks.

      I don't reside in the USA but I'm happy to discuss the topic further...
      off-list!? 8<)

      Cheers... Rex
    • Bargyla Rateaver
      Thank you so very much, Rex Teague. I am so pleased to see you here, have wanted for a long time to find you. Hope you don t disappear. Years ago I was
      Message 2 of 5 , Nov 6 11:29 AM
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        Thank you so very much, Rex Teague. I am so pleased to see you here, have
        wanted for a long time to find you. Hope you don't disappear.
        Years ago I was privileged to see, in a cottage, part of the enormous
        microscope, of which part has disappeared. I think it was from Rife??? I
        shall ask someone tomorrow.
        Rex Teague wrote:

        > Jim et al
        > Like Larry your thoughtful post has stimulated a few observations
        > from my neck of the woods too. 8<)
        > On 19 Oct 01, Jim Bones wrote: (heavily snipped)
        > > Thank you Carol, for sending us Wendell's thoughts. I hope those
        > > who think they are at the controls just now have a chance to see
        > > and meditate on them.
        > Wendell Berry's writing appeals to me immensely and at the risk of
        > stating the obvious he did write the preface to 'The One-Straw
        > Revolution' as published by Rodale.
        > > I would like to offer the following personal observations. It may
        > > help to step back a little and see the current global political events
        > > unfolding in the context of world ecology and with a geological
        > > reference for time. We are in the midst of a major, mass species
        > > extinction. Thousands of ways of life are disappearing each day, most
        > > too small to merit our star struck preference for glamorous creatures
        > > in fur coats with beautiful teeth. But it is largely these "little
        > > people", the microbes, one celled and tiny multicelled creatures, that
        > > maintain the living cycles of the earth. They are taking big hits
        > > everywhere, everyday without letup, wherever we are "developing unused
        > > land". Watch out for the fast talk? Every place is already somebody's
        > > home.
        > Have you considered the possibility of pleomorphism/polymorphism
        > and 'intent'? A few suggestive snippets:
        > From: http://www.explorepub.com/articles/enderlein3.html
        > "The first and probably most disastrous error originates from
        > Ferdinand Cohn, who in 1870 proclaimed that all microbes and
        > bacteria have only one form (Monomorphism). This was also taught
        > by Louis Pasteur. This teaching was opposed to the teaching of
        > Antoine Bechamp who, roughly at the same time, could demonstrate
        > that microbes can alter their form and appear as different germs
        > (pleomorphism). Enderlein basically confirmed this and many other
        > researchers after him."
        > From: http://www.explorepub.com/articles/coyle_10_3.html
        > Polymorphism is a fact, certainly in some species of microorganisms
        > (especially fungal), and is clearly demonstrable microscopically with
        > the proper equipment.
        > And on 'intent' Yogananda speaks about Luther Burbank
        > 'When I met Luther Burbank, he showed me a walnut tree and said,
        > "I took off more than 100 years from its usual period of growth. I
        > grew that tree in 12 years." Burbank also made almomds have soft
        > shells, made over the tomato, and created the shasta daisy from
        > bulbs and the cactus without thorns. In primitive times the different
        > animals used to eat the cactus, so the cactus developed protective
        > thorns. When one life begins to hurt another, that life develops
        > weapons of defense. Burbank told me that during his experiments in
        > developing the spineless cactus, every day he went into the garden
        > and talked to the barbed plants: "Please, beloved cactus, I am Luther
        > Burbank, your friend. I am not going to hurt you at all, so why
        > develop thorns?" And so the thornless cactus was developed. By
        > talking, by attention, by thought force and knowledge of nature's
        > laws, you can impress certain vibrations on protoplasm, and thus
        > consciously guide and hasten the process of evolution.'
        > I'm optimistic about the process of 'Nature' as exemplified by
        > Fukuoka's 'not doing' wisdom.
        > Cheers... Rex
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        Bargyla Rateaver
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