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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Alarm

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  • Rex Teague
    ... Thank-you for the acknowledgement and this scenario comes closest to what I m proposing to do. Sewage garden has a royal pedigree
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 6 1:22 AM
      On 5 Aug 02, Robin, Maya, or Napi wrote:

      > Your comments have been informative through the archive of this
      > news group's messages. Your mixed metaphor was funny. Sorry to
      > say, the real meaning of your words has a most alarming
      > possibility. Do you mean by 'sewage garden' a way for a single
      > family or a small group to use a composting toilet & possibly one
      > of the Varanashi recipes for fertilizer, a variation of the
      > ancient relationship between a family & their fields? This
      > arrangement can be held in a natural balance.

      Thank-you for the acknowledgement and this scenario comes closest
      to what I'm proposing to do. "Sewage garden" has a royal pedigree
      http://old.smh.com.au/news/0012/13/features/features2.html. ;-)

      > OR do you mean that you have been approached by a municipal water
      > treatment plant to spread "free fertilizer" sludge on your organic
      > land.

      Certainly not this scenario. The local Council bought land with a view
      to piping such "fertilizer" onto it to grow trees... the project was
      quickly thwarted by a savvy public outcry.

      Without being fanatical about it, we have adopted a shut front gate
      policy on actively importing soil amendments, manures etc. By way
      of an example, a friend had part of her "organic" hay crop spoilt by
      rain so we stretched the principle and helped her get it off the
      paddock but otherwise it _no_ to imports.

      Cheers... Rex
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