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Fukuoka Principles for Flowerpots

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  • Antje Cobbett
    Dear Carole, Welcome to the group! I also had read his books years ago and thought I couldn t start because I didn t have much land. Now I live in England and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2001
      Dear Carole,

      Welcome to the group! I also had read his books years ago and thought I
      couldn't start because I didn't have much land. Now I live in England and
      have at least an allotment and a backgarden and frontgarden to work on. This
      August I finally DID it! I just put out wheat and vegetable seeds, covered
      them with the contents of my rabbit hutches and left it alone. It is now
      November and I can harvest the first radishes already, and many other
      vegetables seem to come along too. I did not have to coat my seeds with
      clay, we have quite frequent rains here and everything grows nicely.

      And yes, I do carefully walk over the wheat to go and harvest the radishes
      and other veggies. It doesn't matter. I'm sure it'll grow and bear grains
      next year without any problems. Some of the wheat grass I also cut for my
      rabbits, it doesn't seem to matter, it just grows again ...

      After much searching around, I finally got a handful of rice (nobody seems
      to grow rice here in England) and so I started of my "trial" in a flowerpot.
      I just put a few rice seeds in and a few white clover seeds and covered the
      lot with some rabbits fertiliser. That was in September. Now the rice and
      clover has grown nicely and the rice is about 30 cm high. On sunny days I
      just take the flower pot outside to have some sunshine and wind. Hopefully,
      in the not too distant future, there'll be some rice to harvest. In May, I
      thought I'd try the same with some more rice seeds on the allotment and I
      just can't see any reason at all why it should not work. Eventually, I hope
      to produce enough for us to eat ...

      And I certainly apply Mr. Fukuoka's principle in my backgarden, it's so easy
      and I've got healthy plants.

      Best wishes,


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      From: carole.hourt@...
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      Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001 09:07:50 -0000
      From: carole.hourt@...
      Subject: New member


      I am Carole, a new (French) member of this group. I'm ecstatic to
      know that so many people around the world use the natural way of
      farming ! I got acquainted with Fukuoka's philosophy through one of
      his books : The One Straw Revolution (in French, la Révolution d'un
      seul brin de paille). I immediately knew it was one of the answers to
      the environmental problems I feel so concerned about. Unfortunately I
      don't have any garden yet. So I can't really apply M. Fukuoka's
      method for the moment. But I hope to learn more about what people do
      around the world to spread it. I would also like to know if the
      project "greening the desert" is still going on in Europe, because I
      would like to take part in it. Since I have no garden, this is the
      only way I thought of, to contribute to natural farming. Has anybody
      heard about it recently ? Do you guys have other ideas for me ?
      Last, I'd like to know if anybody on this list live near Paris and
      use the natural way of farming in their garden. I would love to visit
      such a garden !


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