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the stern and terrible garden guardians

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  • robin
    greetings from virginia! well i m doing what i can to allow a natural garden...it is a glorious mess for sure. some observations; ***in some previous posts i
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2008
      greetings from virginia!

      well i'm doing what i can to allow a natural garden...it is a glorious
      mess for sure. some observations;

      ***in some previous posts i described the wattle fence i made...it was
      eight feet tall but deer jumped it. my husband tied string around the
      top but they jumped it again. took the top foliage off the sweet
      peppers and tomatoes. i took my collection of cut and bent wire
      fencing "a-frames" and placed them around the outside of the wattle
      fence about two and four feet out, so as to interfere with the running
      start the deer have to make to clear the top of the wattle fence. so
      far so good. the plants seem to have recovered somewhat and are now
      producing veggies. i live in a higher elevation so my plants take
      longer to get going.

      ***i had mixed up the seeds and threw them around anywhere,some i seed
      balled and some just free. the grass grew like crazy in my garden this
      spring so i had to cut and whack my way in there, planting starts as i
      went, feeling around for the softest soil between the grass and weeds.
      i planted my plants right where dandelions came up, trusting them to
      scout out the best spots. meanwhile, i had grown some fields of hay
      outside the garden fence, and used the hay to supplement the stuff i
      had cut down and used as mulch inside the garden. long hay is the best
      mulch you can use, keeps the weeds and grass down till you can get a
      handle on things. well, some of the plants mixed but most didn't. boy,
      you haven't lived till you bite into a "hot tomato" that has somehow
      mixed with a hot pepper...stimulating and exotic! i was glad i had cut
      the stuff down in the garden area early because right away the seeds
      sprouted up through the mulch and there we go! four plants coming out
      of the same hole! next year i'm having
      rows in my garden!

      ***planted two gooseberry bushes, they are tough and vigorous,started
      making berries right away, those berries are yummy! planted two
      blueberries also they are a little more squeamish, one has berries but
      the other has spots on it's leaves... still living though. worked on
      my black raspberry patches, some were great, some had honeysuckle take
      over, i had to weed those and tried to pull out the honey suckle as
      much as i could. the wineberries have appeared in recent years, they
      are so delectable. my brother and i went berry-picking in a park the
      other day and got eight quarts of wineberries. favorite thing to do.
      did i mention i love blackberries? they make an awesome hedge, too.

      ***the kale and mustard comes up everywhere, deer don't eat it. i do.

      ***was going like gangbusters in my garden, cutting every weed and
      blade of grass when all of a sudden i was stung by an angry bee. what
      was i doing? i was about to cut down a raspberry bush which had come
      up inside my garden fence...as much as i love them (raspberries) i
      don't want them in my garden, they spread too much, etc.-- but this
      raspberry bush, dead center in the middle of my garden, wasn't going
      anywhere; there was a hornets nest hanging from it. well, have you
      ever tried to do a thorough job with one eye on a hornets nest? let's
      just say i didn't weed as much after that. and the funny thing is, the
      plants are doing perfectly fine without me picking at them and around
      them all the time. i just bring in a load of straw, dump it in the
      general vicinity and get out of there. that hornets nest is humongous
      now...it's taken on the air of the great volcano goddess...but as long
      as i just go get my veggies when they are ready, and give them (the
      bees) as wide
      a berth as i can, they mind their own business. they taught me, live
      and let live--as much as you gain, much can be taken away, so respect
      and tremble!

      have a great summer! talk at cha later**********robin
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