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Job Description: Dig It! Project Rural Farm Manager

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  • Ben Weiss
    Job Description: Dig It! Project Rural Farm Manager Threshold Foundation/Dig It! The Threshold Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2008
      Job Description: Dig It! Project Rural Farm Manager

      Threshold Foundation/Dig It!
      The Threshold Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Founded by current director, Schirlyn Kamara in the mid 1990's in an effort to mitigate gang violence in the neighborhoods of Lancaster City, the organization has transformed into a force for innovative youth education and development. Threshold takes a uniquely holistic approach to the development of our youth; through the reintroduction of affordable and nutritious produce into our neighborhoods by way of urban agriculture, we will reinvigorate the community to nurture a generation of hard-working, healthy, and conscious young people.
      Threshold's Dig It! Program, now in it's fourth year of operation, partners with Lancaster's East King Improvement District (Eastern Market) and the Baha'i Faith's secular Youth Animator initiative to provide an incredible experience for local teenagers. The program is centered at Dig It!, an urban garden on a 2/3 acre plot in southern Lancaster City. Threshold also rents an acre from Scarecrow Hill organic farm in rural Ephrata, a half-hour's drive north of the city. This year's program will also benefit from a 5 acre loan from our friend Steve Weaver, whose land will be used to experiment with Masanobu Fukuoka's revolutionary agricultural methods, known as “natural farming.” Also, this year, Dig It! will be raising and marketing produce through a 40-share CSA.
      The Dig It! Program runs for 10 weeks from early June to mid-August, during which at least 15 youth will participate in farm work, field trips, and workshops Monday through Friday. Dig It! is growing, however, and so other opportunities for the youth and the community are always in the works.

      Rural Farm Manager
      This position entails the managing and maintaining of our one acre plot in Ephrata from March until November of 2008. A grant from the USDA will provide a salary of roughly $13,000 during this period. Further opportunities may become available. The rural farm manager will be expected to:
      -establish a good working relationship with David and Peggy Fogarty-Harnisch, the farmers at Scarecrow Hill
      -network and collaborate with Ben Weiss, our Urban Farm Manager, as well as our two farmhands
      -plan and grow produce for our 2008 CSA
      -work with, supervise, guide, and teach the youth during the morning hours on a daily basis
      -coordinate volunteers from the community who wish to help with the labor in Ephrata
      -transport harvested produce to our urban garden and to Eastern Market

      Job Requirements
      -previous organic farming experience
      -transportation to Scarecrow Hill organic farm in Ephrata
      -valid driver's license
      -previous experience working with youth
      -serious work ethic & exemplary moral/ethical values

      Preferred Skills/Experience
      -basic understanding of permaculture and/or agroecology
      -prior experience or training in farm management
      -basic understanding of the requirements of USDA organic certification
      -basic understanding of the CSA agricultural model
      -a strong sense of environmentalism and the importance of communities
      -basic first aid
      -conflict resolution/peer mediation

      For more information, or to set up an interview, please contact Schirlyn Kamara at 717-481-8734 or kamaraschirlyn@..., or Ben Weiss at 717-475-1582 or bazzrad@....

      The earth is an organically interwoven community of plants, animals, and microorganisms... Although this flux of matter and the cycles of the biosphere can be perceived only through intuition, our unswerving faith in the omnipotence of science has led us to analyze and study these phenomena, raining down destruction upon the world of living things and throwing nature as we see it into disarray.
      -Masanobu Fukuoka

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