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    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 23, 2008
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Raju Titus"
      <rajuktitus@...> wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > Every year" Bird flue" spreading in India. People killing
      > thousnds of birds in Calcutta.This all due to modern way of Bird
      > keeping.
      > I would like to share what Fukuoka is saying. Natural way of
      > Farming Page 128.
      > The Abuse of Modern Livestock Farming: The storms of agricultural
      > reform are beginning to ravage the good name of agricultural
      > modernisation. Let us look at a trend that has emerged in all
      > technologies.
      > One new live stock technology that has been spreading like
      > throughout Japan is the mass raising of chickens, pigs, cattle, and
      > other livestock and fowl in large facilities. The animals are fed
      > preserved foods compounded from a very small amount of natural feed
      > and liberal amounts of additives such as drugs, vitamin, and
      > all ostensibly for protecting health. This eliminates the
      necessity of
      > rushing about to attend to every need of the livestock. The
      animals is
      > efficiently raised by placing it in a narrow enclosure or cage just
      > big enough to accommodate it but hardly allowing it move about. The
      > goal is to produce as much as possible on narrow piece of land.
      > There appear to be no problems with this method. In addition to
      > being efficient, the work is less physically demanding and
      > Beset by wildly fluctuating prices, the livestock farmer becomes
      > totally caught up with concerns over his margins and profits.
      > The quality of these products is in every way inferior to beef and
      > eggs from cattle and fowl allowed to roam freely outdoors and to
      > multiply and grow without restraint. What's more, because these
      > animals have been raised on roughage packed with antibiotics,
      > preservatives, flavor enhancers, hormones and residual pesticides
      > there is also the concern that toxins harmful to the human body
      > accumulated in the beef and eggs. We have arrived in an age where
      > beef is no longer beef and eggs are no longer eggs. What we have
      > instead is merely the conversion of complete feed preparations into
      > animal products. Lives stock farming is no longer form of
      > practised in nature . Unfertilized battery chickens are just
      > for hatching factory-made eggs, while hogs and cows are merely
      > produced meat and milk -fabricating machines.These product could
      > possibly be wholesome. The point is that, regardless of whether the
      > product is good or bad, one person can raise tens and hundreds of
      > thousands of head efficiently withe mass production techniques.
      But it
      > is capital, not men, that today raises these animals. This is no
      > longer the farmer's domain, but of commercial houses which raise
      > livestock in large factory- like operations.
      > Raju
      >Stick to local breed and natural feed it never fails fukuoka was
      always right and will always be right.
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