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World Wide Opertunities on Oragnic Farms Bulgaria News Letter 2008

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  • Dr.Ian Sanders, Catriona Brady, Ina Kliss
    Full version of this newsletter with pics and all will be on the website soon. Please post this on to anyone who you know who is connected or wants to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2008
      Full version of this newsletter with pics and all will be on the
      website soon.
      Please post this on to anyone who you know who is connected or wants
      to be connected
      with organic farming in Bulgaria. Thanks.

      WWOOF Bulgaria Newsletter,
      January 2008
      Thank you to all volunteers from all around the world who have come,
      gone, still here and some who have returned, thank you for your help
      on all the WWOOF Farms in Bulgaria

      Host farms Independent reviews
      Funding News
      WWOOF Europa meeting, Frankfurt May 2007
      Agricultural land for sale
      Your Contributions

      Hi from the WWOOF Bulgaria team, phew, what a quick year!
      Thanks for joining the group, please forward this newsletter to anyone
      who is interested in volunteering on an organic farming or being a
      host of an organic farm in Bulgaria open to volunteers. Thanks :-)

      If you are a registered farm in Bulgaria and you have grazing animals
      on your farm, your farm is entitled to grazing land from the local
      community. You have to speak with the local mayor and he has to agree
      with this and tell you where the allocated grazing land is, good luck!
      At WWOOF Bulgaria we understand that organic certificates are
      expensive for small farms, but we do strongly suggest that farms,
      certified or non certified, should farm in accordance with organic

      The EU. has recently declared that organic foods can contain up to
      0.9% accidental contamination with GM products. Foods labelled as
      organic must contain more than 95% organic ingredients. These are the
      minimum standards within the EU, but member states and certifying
      bodies are entitled to impose stricter standards. More info can be
      found at the following link:
      Currently several varieties of GM maize, containing the Bt gene for
      resistance to corn borer are being grown commercially in the European
      Union, mainly in Spain, although other countries are also now growing
      GM maize, and the area growing GM maize in Europe is steadily
      increasing. In addition to this, GM maize and soya are being imported
      into the EU for use as animal feed. It is very likely that some GM
      maize imported into Bulgaria as animal feed, has been planted as seed,
      so for this reason, any maize or soya commercially sold in Bulgaria,
      that is not specifically labelled as GM free, could well contain GM

      While on the topic of GM crops, you may be interested to know that
      Monsanto has suppressed the results of it's own experiments, showing
      harm to test animals fed on GM crops. See the following sites for more

      If you are concerned about this issue, please contact
      www.zazemiata.org for more information.

      The WWOOF Bulgaria website www.wwoofbulgaria.org has been revamped and
      will be further improved and anyone who would like to volunteer to
      help with this please contact the admin team at
      wwoofbulgaria@.... The host list and contact details are
      freely available to anyone who registers. Registration is free and we
      will not sell on your details to anyone for marketing purposes. Hosts:
      please check that the description of your farm and contact details are
      accurate and up to date. Please email any corrections or updates to
      wwoofbulgaria[at]hotmail.com Also if your website is linked from
      www.wwoofbulgaria.org please ensure that you have an accurate link on
      your site to www.wwoofbulgaria.org Payment for web hosting of the site
      will soon be due. The cost is 70GBP per annum. Any donations towards
      this will be gratefully received.

      The AGM for WWOOF Bulgaria, was held at Trinoga on the 25th August, If
      you did not see a copy of the report of the meeting then please go to
      the link on www.wwoofbulgaria.org

      Host Farm independent writeups
      All hosts were contacted and a visit from an admin member from WWOOF
      Bulgaria and a volunteer was arranged, where possible. The main point
      of this visit was to ensure the safety of volunteers and to grade and
      rate the individual WWOOF projects. This helps the volunteer chose
      independently where he/she would like to go and what they would like
      to get from a WWOOF farm. Not all WWOOF hosts have been reviewed to
      date. Results will be displayed on the website, where hosts have given
      their consent.

      Funding news
      WWOOF are applying for funding to help with the cost of volunteers and
      we will be sending out information regarding this funding and updating
      the web once this funding has been gained. This is the first funding
      we have applied for and keep your fingers crossed that the funding is
      secured. The funding will be for volunteers who are coming to
      registered farms in Bulgaria from outside Bulgaria. We are hoping
      that this will increase the number of organic farms on the host list.
      The funding will help with, accommodation, language course, insurance
      costs, travel costs within Bulgaria and also gives the volunteer a
      little spending money. Great!

      If you are a farmer in Bulgaria or you know any Bulgarian farms that
      would benefit from this network of volunteers please contact Ian at
      wwoofbulgaria@.... Pass on this info please. The more hosts,
      the more volunteers will come. At present, WWOOF Bulgaria does not
      provide insurance cover, we are looking into insurance cover for
      volunteers and farms, for now all volunteers should arrange their own
      insurance. Hosts should make sure they have valid workers insurance
      or public liability insurance or get the volunteers to sign a
      disclaimer. Hosts should also make a note of volunteers' passport
      numbers for safety reasons.

      WWOOF Europa meeting, Frankfurt May 2007
      A representative of WWOOF Bulgaria attended this very constructive
      meeting. Minutes of the meeting are available on this link.

      Agricultural land for sale
      70 decares of arable land near Plovdiv, 3000 lev per decare. For more
      information, please telephone +359 (0) 888 518578

      Your contributions
      If you would like an article or you have some news regarding farming
      and volunteering, please send your information to
      wwoofbulgaria@... for possible inclusion. Adverts can be
      included in WWOOFBulgaria's news letter contact us for details at
      Hope you have a happy farming year in 2008, good luck and good farming
      from us all at WWOOF Bulgaria 
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