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Re : [fukuoka_farming] Re: growing into NF

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  • chris opler
    Dear Friends, Thank you for your words. I feel strongly that we are not working against each other, but truly as one. As we each push to clarify, we are
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 4, 2007
      Dear Friends, Thank you for your words. I feel strongly that we are not working against each other, but truly as one. As we each push to clarify, we are coming closer together. Each has her own path to follow. Yet our paths cross and intertwine and we become lighter, and higher. As you say, Jamie, NF is really an expression of a different perspective, one in which the dualism between the I and the world is collapsed into a single One -- God, the world. I would suggest that this dualism is what permits the system to keep rising. Black/white, woman/man, third-world/first-world, ... . These dualities are both in spirit and in form. The oppression of the other is the condition of the profit of the I. If we live as one world, as one with our fellow beings, then we can no longer
      accept to 'profit' from the exploitation, because the other does not
      exist, she and I are all part of the same One.

      One Love, One Heart, One People,


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      De : Linda Shewan <linda_shewan@...>
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      Objet : RE: [fukuoka_farming] Re: growing into NF

      To Chris and Jamie,

      I am not as eloquent as yourself and Jamie but I believe I move forward with

      the same soul intent ...

      My awakening came after living in Australia for 6 years and just not being

      able to come to terms with the landscape here. I was so fixated by the lush,

      green beauty of my homeland, New Zealand, that my heart simply couldn't

      resonate with what I perceived as the harsh, dry, barren landscape of


      About 6 months ago I sat in my garden, staring at the eucalyptus which

      precludes growing anything for metres around it. I loved the eucalypt, both

      for it's beauty and for the Koala it supports from time to time, but was

      frustrated by the lack of 'useful' space in my assigned vegetable growing


      Then in a flash it felt like my heart captured the essence of that snow gum

      - how to describe the overwhelming love and acceptance that came with that.

      From that moment on the landscape was transformed. It is almost painful,

      that beautiful heart pain that love brings - I feel as well as see the

      extreme beauty of the natural world. Trees do seem to have the most intense

      affect but really almost everything in 'nature' (I am still struggling with

      the bull ants and poisonous snakes and spiders that abound in this land...

      not with their beauty, simply their bite, which REALLY hurts!)

      Regarding this thread - what I did not understand was why I was condemned

      for the process I was taking as being an anathema to NF when in fact I was

      simply attempting to start on the journey in the way that felt right for me.

      I must confess it still does. I consider the journey my soul is taking to be

      in harmony with the process I am using to take the landscape to one where I

      can achieve a similar style of 'do nothing' farming that Fukuoka-san

      discussed. I do believe we need to 'act', have a process to get there... and

      I may well be wrong in that assumption but I believe that following this

      path I will attain both my inner and outer goals in due time - when I am

      ready I guess.

      I will be reading and re-reading your words of wisdom in an attempt to more

      fully understand the substance behind them. My heart feels it but my

      analytical side keeps saying be real - for example you say that 'Do-nothing'

      is about ceasing our goal-driven, instrumentalist actions. But everytime we

      seedball or clear some land to plant a fruit tree or vegetables - we have a

      goal. To say cease goal-driven actions means that none of these things would

      happen... It is that conflict that I am struggling with! Perhaps it is my

      perception of conflict that is the real problem here.

      Thank you for the discussion. I fully acknowledge I have a long path ahead

      of me and truly feel blessed to have found so many wise souls to support me

      on my journey.

      In peace, Linda


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